Hi~👋 I'm a Full Stack developer
+= an enthusiastic learner + open source contributor
I design, build, deploy, launch from the concept to the completion.
Reach me if you have any project or inquiries.
Recent Works
RateLink Mobile
Any-Poem 🚧
JS Library
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Go projects
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RateLink is the shipping Freight management system. User can sign up and make their account and save their shipping freight data and search instantly by from/to location, shipping liners, container types, period. All data is saved safely in Amazon cloud service. It has a following/follower model. So, user can share their data if user allow to show them.
Data visualization system will enhance your decision making more effectively. User can have a beautiful chart with their rate and their following `teller` user's data. User also can update their avatar and manage followers with user-friendly interface.
  • Frontend : React | Next.js | GraphQL
  • Backend : Node | Django | Prisma | Postgres | AWS lambda
Skill set
Web development
I am fully confident to build frontend web app with React. I deeply understand how React works with state, lifecycle, hooks and context. I'm focusing to improve the performance and better experience for users. Not only SPA, I am fully aware of how important SEO is, I built a couple of SSR web app projects with Next.js. Also, I'm very experienced with bundling assets using webpack and transpiling modern Javascript code(ES6) with babel.
I'm very experienced with GraphQL. I can build a backend as GraphQL api with Node.js and Django, as well as a frontend to communicate each other with GraphQL. I can implement to send and receive a multipart data(eg. image file) with GraphQL.
Node.js and Django
I fully understand how http requet/response works with headers, cors, authorization, and json web authentication. I am very experienced with Node.js and Django to build a backend api or server. I know how to deploy it on AWS with docker or serverless.
I'm confident with building a backend application with Go. I'm specially experienced with GraphQL backend with Go. And, I'm enjoying to build helper tools for development by myself.
I am well aware of AWS service architecture and how to compose it for whatever it needs. I know what the pros and cons of serverless architecture and how to use it. Also, I am used to deploy my apps as containerized using Docker.
Mobile app development
React Native
I am very comfortable to build a mobile app with React Native and Native modules if needed in case. I know how to build a React Native app with Xcode and Android Studio with Native modules. I really enjoying to improve the performance and give a solid experience to users.
Low level system language
I am an enthusiastic learner. I really enjoy to challenge new languages and build a something new with it. I started learning the Rust which is very powerful low level system language. And I built a several projects with it. I'm very enjoying to make an utilities to improve a process or automation.
Work with me
If you are looking for a developer with a communicative, punctual, professional mind-set, or if you have a project to work with someone else,
get in touch with me.